Recent works

Original water features and sculptures

3.6m tall watersculpture, water shimmers down a screen formed from thousands of stainless steel beads.
This water sculpture was a collaboration with Auckland artist Josh Paki who designed the stainless steel Maori motif that sits off the black surface which the water runs down.  The design of the motif references the compass, symbolizing directions, and encompasses the Puhuro, a Nga Puhi design based on the form of a shark, a symbol of strength. 
Copper with bronze patina and stailnless steel
Stainless steel vessels
3 x perforated bronzed copper columns, internally lit at night.
A screen of shimmering light and water formed from thousands of stainless steel beads.
Sculptural panel, copper with bronze patina
Sculptural panel, stainless steel
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