We liaise with architects, designers, businesses, developers and home owners to create bespoke water features and sculptures of uncompromising quality that are works of art.
The elegant simplicity of their forms, soothing sounds and the mesmerising play of light on the waters surface, belie the dedication to engineering excellence, attention to detail, craftsmanship and uncompromising selection of materials, that goes in to each work.
We are based in Christchurch, but work with clients throughout New Zealand and beyond .  Phone  +64 27 4325642 or email info@watersculptures.co.nz  to discuss how we can meet your requirements.  In some circumstances a visit to site within New Zealand or overseas is necessary but in many cases a design and proposal can be formulated by photos and drawings via email.  The majority of the sculptures we do are made to order but we usually have one or two completed sculptures that are available for immediate delivery.
Each sculpture is designed by Geoff McConnell, then built in Christchurch by skilled craftsmen using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, materials and equipment.  Every sculpture is tested prior to being dispatched in a custom made plywood box. Many of the sculptures come complete with their own base tank and are stand-alone requiring only to be connected to electricity.  All sculptures are supplied with detailed instructions for installation. More complex installations are usually carried out by builders or landscapers and where required we travel to oversee the installation.
Our sculptures can stand-alone; on a balcony, in an outdoor dining area, a foyer, a courtyard, as a focal point for a garden or inside your home. They can also be incorporated into a pond, pool or pebbles.
"Simple in form, complex in character is my aim. I like to create elegant simple forms with the focus on the water, its sound and the way light (both natural and artificial) plays upon it. I like to emulate the drama that is created in the natural and built environment through the contrast between moving and stationary elements." 
Geoff McConnell
Ph+ 64 27 4325642   info@watersculptures.co.nz    www.watersculptures.co.nz    Christchurch,  New Zealand