The desire was to create a fountain where the visual effect comes not only through the movement of water but also though the movement of the sculptural elements that make up the fountain. To achieve this I developed and patented some origional technology.

The fountain is situated in a large pool in the central foyer of the shopping centre and rises up through three levels to a height of fourteen meters.

Shallow translucent glass-like vessels formed from Plexiglass magically rise and fall on three stainless steel columns.

Each vessel floats on a magnetic field in unison with a float inside the column. As the columns fill with water the floats inside the columns rise as do the vessels on the outside. Water then flows from the top of the columns and down fine stainless steel chains flowing from vessel to vessel. As each vessel fills with water its weight increases until it overcomes the bouyancy of the float and descends to its lower position. The flow of water is then cut and as the vessels drain they then rise to their upper position.

The design, build and operation of a trial pilot fountain, followed by the manufacture of thefull scale fountain, was completed in New Zealand before shipping it to Malaysia for assembly on site.
This kinetic fountain was the inspiration for another design project; see DROP ZONE , a children's playground elevator  - if vessels filled with water can rise and fall on columns then why not a platform for children? 
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